Welcome to the new world of medical cannabis

The Novel Tree Medical is an outgrowth of the award-winning Novel Tree, founded in 2014. In our first two years of operation serving more than 275,000 customers, we learned that medical patients want and need a level of service not available in recreational stores.  With invaluable suggestions, information and input from our medical patients, The Novel Tree Medical was born.

The Novel Tree Medical is wheelchair accessible with ample free parking including a handicap stall directly in front of the store.  Call our front desk at 425-896-8414 if you need any assistance when you arrive.

Allie and Chris McAboy - The Novel Tree Medical founders

Allie and Chris McAboy - The Novel Tree Medical founders


Come in and begin the conversation. 
It’s not scary!

We offer free initial consultations both to physician-referred patients and others visiting on their own.  It is not necessary to have a medical authorization to visit The Novel Tree Medical; our state-certified medical consultants will explain this and other important information about medical cannabis in Washington.  Advance scheduling assures the availability of our private consultation room.

Investigate for yourself!

As you begin your investigation into medical cannabis, you will find our “Resources Page” very helpful.  Stop back periodically, as we update frequently.  For starters, though, did you know that medical cannabis is now legal in 29 states?  The list grows every month.  Stigma and stereotypes linger to an extent, but don’t let them prevent you from discovering natural relief from chronic suffering.  See what the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control have to say.  Learn as much as you can.  And talk to us.  We are here to help!